Songs for Swinging Acoustic Engineers

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Could these tunes be part of an acoustic engineers’ playlist?

Acoustic Engineers' audio tape image by Kolorkolov (via Shutterstock).

Music to our ears: Our selection of top tunes for acoustic engineers. Image by Kolorkolov (via Shutterstock).

Us acoustic engineers spend the best part of our days surveying premises, performing impact assessments, and weighing up the noise levels of retail developments. There are some occasions where we need to let our hair down. Some of us take solace in fishing, playing video games, or listening to music.

With the last named pastime, we have come up with a list of possible tunes for acoustic engineers. In old school form, we decided to go for a mixtape. So, dig out your boombox, turn up the bass and, if there’s anything worth breakdancing to, get a piece of lino from the shed.

Side A

  1. Good Vibrations, The Beach Boys;
  2. It’s Oh So Quiet, Bjork;
  3. The Sound of Silence, Simon and Garfunkel;
  4. Silent Running, Mike and the Mechanics;
  5. Turn the Music Up, Players Association;
  6. The Bump, Kenny;
  7. Down to Earth, Curiosity Killed the Cat.

The first two tunes should be on anyone’s playlist, let alone Mancunian acoustic engineers. Good Vibrations, one of The Beach Boys’ best known songs, is well and truly up there. It was also the first tune to be played on Piccadilly Radio on the 02 April 1974. Today, it is played several times on Key 2, its successor golden oldie station.

You couldn’t miss out Bjork’s finest work either. There’s more of us who remember Vicky Entwistle’s (Janice Battersby in Coronation Street) performance in Celebrity Stars in their Eyes than Roger Day playing The Beach Boys’ classic.

Side B

  1. Cum On Feel the Noize, Slade;
  2. The Sound of the Crowd, The Human League;
  3. Leave in Silence, Depeche Mode;
  4. Whispering Grass, Windsor Davies and Don Estelle;
  5. Silent Sigh, Badly Drawn Boy;
  6. The Crunch, The RAH Band;
  7. Lifted, The Lighthouse Family.

Slade’s classic could well be a reference to vibration assessment. The Human League’s early 1981 hit could be a good anthem for noise assessment. We also continue with Manchester’s (well, Bolton’s to be exact) very own Badly Drawn Boy (aka Damon Gough), whose Silent Sigh could be the relief of acoustic engineers after a major project.

Our final piece has nothing to do with silence or the role of acoustic engineers whatsoever. The group’s name could be a colloquialism for the name of our team in Manchester.

Lighthouse Acoustics, 05 December 2016.

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