What are Vibration Assessments?

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Vibration assessments: what are they? Nowadays, workers are exposed to all types of risks. It does not matter whether a person works in an office or a kitchen, no one is completely safe from getting hurt. Nonetheless, some sectors are more prone to risks than others and the menaces themselves often vary in nature. Since […]

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Why Roadside Noise Pollution Matters

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How roadside noise pollution has an effect on our lives In the last week, we have seen how the government has given out mixed messages over environmental concerns. Firstly, the chance to improve our locality’s rail infrastructure has been downgraded. Days after the Tories’ suggested bi-mode trains instead of the full electrification we were promised […]

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Acceptable Sound Levels Explained

15th June 2017 by in category Noise tagged as , , ,

A look at which sound levels are acceptable enough for certain environments Back in the 1970s, the roar of the Stretford End was said to be as loud as a jet plane in take off. On taking off, the sound levels of an aeroplane with turbofan engines range from 80 to 110 decibels. It is […]

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We Stand Together With Manchester

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Lighthouse Acoustics stands together with the people of Manchester Last Monday’s events at Manchester Arena were very traumatic. We had heard about suicide bombers on the radio and television news for several years but never expected this to happen on our doorstep. Nobody should expect to leave a gig badly injured or, as happened to […]

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Why Offices Need Acoustic Consultants

18th February 2017 by in category Acoustics tagged as , , , , ,

How offices benefit from acoustic consultancy services There is more to a productive office environment than well positioned desks and suitable swivel chairs. The acoustics of your office is another factor as well as the look and feel. Well designed offices benefit from sound acoustics – for example, the absorption of background noise from other […]

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Our Role at Godiva Place, Coventry

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How Lighthouse Acoustics helped with the Godiva Place project in Coventry As part of Coventry University’s expansion, the need for more student accommodation is a must. The latest addition will be Godiva Place, a scheme directly north-east of the city’s ring road. Funded by Aviva Investors, the five block scheme will have 770 bedrooms with […]

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Acoustic Engineering for Retail Premises

20th January 2017 by in category Acoustics tagged as , , , ,

Why acoustic engineering is a must for shopping centres, superstores, and retail parks Without acoustic engineering, the amount of noise from any shopping development would be unbearable. The noise from passing road traffic is enough to drive anyone around the bend. Shoppers wouldn’t be able to chat to each other. A development without screening plants […]

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Why Studio Designers Need Acoustic Consultants

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How acoustic consultants and studio designers can play a part in building a top notch recording studio In Greater Manchester, there is one thing that defines our city region as much as football: popular music. Most notably groups like Oasis, Simply Red, Joy Division and New Order. Also the Hacienda night club and the Factory […]

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Songs for Swinging Acoustic Engineers

5th December 2016 by in category Acoustics tagged as , , , , ,

Could these tunes be part of an acoustic engineers’ playlist? Us acoustic engineers spend the best part of our days surveying premises, performing impact assessments, and weighing up the noise levels of retail developments. There are some occasions where we need to let our hair down. Some of us take solace in fishing, playing video […]

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Why Publicans Need Acoustic Consultants

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How acoustic consultants can help to keep your pub going In the United Kingdom, 21 pubs a week face closure. As well as Pubcos’ sales (estate agents with beer, basically) targets and rents, and antisocial behaviour, noise is another reason why public houses close. More than ever, taking on the services of an acoustic consultants […]

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