Vibration Assessments

Vibration AssessmentsAcoustic vibration assessments and acoustic testing are necessary to a business for several reasons. These are as follows:

  • Ensuring the health and safety of its employees who are exposed to vibration.
  • Assessing the vibration risk on building damage.
  • Providing commercial information on products.

For any size of development, the demolition, construction and operational phases have the potential to cause a vibration impact upon its neighbours.  The impact may come in the form of structural damage to buildings, or more likely, annoyance to occupants or adverse effects on sensitive equipment.

Lighthouse Acoustics are able to undertake measurements of acoustic vibration sources and offer advice on mitigation measures in order to minimise the impact and exposure to vibration. Here are some of the vibration risk assessment testing services we specialise in:

Demolition / Piling / Construction Works

The demolition / piling / construction works for any project have the potential to cause a vibration impact upon its neighbours.  Manned measurements or long term monitoring may be prudent in order to prove or disprove the level of vibration at neighbouring properties.

Train Vibration

For new residential or commercial developments situated in close proximity to either over ground or underground train lines, vibration and structure borne noise levels need to be considered.  If levels are considered to be excessive the isolation of the building at either basement or upper floor levels may be required in order to achieve acceptable levels for the occupants.

Leisure Developments

Whether it’s running machines, free weights or dance studios in gyms or bowling balls and pin-setting machinery in bowling alleys, vibration and structure borne sound can cause a serious annoyance to adjacent tenants.  If not appropriately dealt with at the design stage this can have disastrous consequences once operational leading to the temporary closure of a business in order to undertake the necessary remedial works.

Building Services

Effective acoustic vibration testing isolation of building services plant items is essential in order to minimise the transfer of vibration and structure borne sound to adjacent spaces.  Suitable anti vibration mounts and flexible connections should be specified for all items with the potential for generation and control of vibration.

Extractive Industries

We also undertake measurements of vibration testing for extractive industries.  For example, tremors caused by quarrying or hydraulic fracturing (better known as fracking) at nearby residential or commercial properties.

Vibration Assessment Services

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