Noise Surveys

Here at Lighthouse Acoustics we provide environmental noise surveys, operational noise surveys, demolition & construction noise monitoring

Noise Mapping

Noise mapping of existing/proposed transportation and industrial noise sources upon existing/proposed developments

Impact Assessments

Impact assessments for planning including noise impacts upon the proposed development and noise impacts on the surrounding environment due to the proposed development

Noise Testing

Pre-completion sound insulation testing, airborne sound insulation testing, impact sound insulation testing, reverberation time testing, indoor ambient noise testing, building services noise testing

Architectural Acoustics

Architectural Acoustics

Airborne sound insulation, impact sound insulation, external envelope, internal separation, acoustic privacy, reverberation time, ambient noise levels, absorptive treatment, floating floors, acoustic linings, mass barrier ceilings, secondary glazing, acoustic baffles, BREEAM Hea 05

Building Services Acoustics

building services

Atmospheric noise emissions, indoor ambient noise levels, plantroom breakout, ductborne noise, crosstalk attenuators, generators, condenser units, dry air coolers, AHUs, extract fans, pumps, booster sets, fan coil units, silencers, acoustic louvres, acoustic screens, BREEAM Pol 05


Vibration surveys, vibration assessments, re-radiated noise assessments, demolition & construction vibration monitoring, transportation vibration, machinery vibration, vibration isolation specification BS 6472, BS 5228

Noise at Work

Noise at Work

Noise at work assessments, hearing protection, noise control, The Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005

Expert Witness

Expert Witness

Independent witnessing/testing/assessment of constructions, treatment, reports

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